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Passport Document & It's Application

A Passport is a document made of a small booklet. It contains a passport number, bearer’s name, birth place, birth date, passport issue & expiry date, bearer’s photograph and signature.

A Passport is the valid document used for all foreign travels. It is normally issued by the government of any country. 

A passport certifies the bearer’s identity and frequently used for verification of citizenship. It is also used for getting entry into your country after foreign travel.

Types of Passport in India

Types of Passport and it’s usefulness for citizens

A – Regular (Normal) Passport

This is normally given to the Indian citizen for ordinary travel. This can be used for foreign leisure tours. It can also be used for business trips. This Passport is navy blue in color.

B – Diplomatic Passport

This Passport is used by Indian diplomats and diplomatic couriers. This Passport is  having maroon in color.

C – Official Passport

This type of Passport is used by Indian officials only. They represent the Indian government. This Passport is white in color.

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